NOTE: Please note that the date on the form does NOT reflect the deadline extension. August 26 is the CORRECT deadline.

AFP Calgary and Area Chapter recognizes the many individuals, families, groups and businesses who demonstrate the spirit of philanthropy through outstanding contributions of time, talent, leadership and financial support. The Generosity of Spirit™ Awards provides the opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate these philanthropic leaders that make a difference in our community – whether the community is local, regional, national or international.Generosity requires participating to make a difference; it is a tool to create a better world. Your nominee’s generosity can be characterized as voluntary, powerful, multi-faceted, active and self- perpetuating.

For the past 23 years, the Generosity of Spirit™ Awards have been a vital component to the National Philanthropy Day® celebrations in Southern Alberta. This day provides an opportunity for non-profit organizations, professionals, volunteers, service organizations and others in the community to acknowledge and showcase their philanthropic partners.

In 2020, the world faced an unprecedented challenge: the Covid-19 pandemic. As countries around the world went into various forms of lockdown, collectively we experienced a rapid and dramatic shift: schools shut down and suddenly students were being homeschooled and learning online; every event and sporting activity was abruptly cancelled; those who still had jobs were suddenly working from home and virtual meetings became the new “normal”, all while we grappled with the devastating health impacts of the novel coronavirus. Health care workers became our front-line of defense, along with grocery store clerks, transport drivers, janitors and cleaning staff, and countless others deemed essential. Just like in 2013 when Calgary and parts of Southern Alberta quickly responded to the devastation of the 1-in-100-year flood, people again selflessly stepped up in unexpected and extraordinary ways. Generosity of Spirit has perhaps never meant more than right now in the shadow of this this unprecedented year, and so, in 2020, we endeavour to honour these heroes.

To celebrate our Everyday Heroes of the Pandemic, we have created a new award: the Outstanding Volunteer Award. Similarly, all award categories also feature an element of this extraordinary effort for consideration: volunteering of their time and talent during the 2020 pandemic.

We are proud to award the following categories in 2020 (click on the link to access the respective online form to submit your nomination):

Join us on National Philanthropy Day to honour and celebrate philanthropy in our community!   

We are so proud to have so many people involved in philanthropy throughout our community. The list below are amazing examples of the philanthropists in our community.  Visit our YouTube channel to see past honouree videos shown annually at our National philanthropy Day Luncheon.     

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Generosity of Spirit Award Nomination: Deadline Extended

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