Generosity of Spirit Awards: Young Philanthropist Nomination Form

Generosity of Spirit™ Awards

AFP Calgary and Area Chapter recognizes the many individuals, families, groups and businesses who demonstrate the spirit of philanthropy through outstanding contributions of time, talent, leadership and financial support. The Generosity of Spirit™ Awards provides the opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate these philanthropic leaders that make a difference in our community – whether the community is local, regional, national or international.

Generosity requires participating to make a difference; it is a tool to create a better world. Your nominee’s generosity can be characterized as voluntary, powerful, multi-faceted, active and self- perpetuating. For the past 24 years, the Generosity of Spirit™ Awards have been a vital component to National Philanthropy Day®. This day provides an opportunity for non-profit organizations, professionals, volunteers, service organizations and others in the community to acknowledge and showcase their philanthropic partners.

STEP 1: Read the 2021 GOS Information for Nominators before proceeding

STEP 2: Signed Nominee Disclaimer

Your Nominee MUST Review and sign the Nominee Disclaimer, either on paper (then scan and upload as a pdf) or sign electronically and upload the signed form as a pdf (at the end of the form)

STEP 3: Submit ONE letter of support

Only one letter of support is required. Do not upload any more than one! Please upload (at the end of the online form) as a pdf only.

STEP 4: Complete the online form below

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Young Philanthropist Nomination Form

2021 Generosity of Spirit: Young Philanthropist

Bestowed upon an individual under the age of 25 who has demonstrated exceptional skills in coordinating and motivating others to engage in one or more fundraising project(s) that has/have made a significant impact on the nominating organization.

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Nominee Section

This is page 1 of a multi-page nomination form. The first page is to collect contact information about your NOMINEE. your contact information (as the nominator) and (optionally), a secondary nominator. Your online form can be saved and you can have a link sent to you to resume editing, when you select Save and Continue. Nomination questions are on PAGE 2, and PAGE 3 is the checklist and confirmations required before submitting your nomination.

Primary Nominating Organization Information

Secondary Nominating Organization Information

If you and another organization are submitting a joint nomination, complete the contact information below for the second organization, otherwise, leave this section blank

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