The Doc Seaman Outstanding Individual Philanthropist award is open to an individual whose time, talent and/or treasure have made a significant impact on your organization. Financial contributions may be made through his/her/their personal Foundation. This award is generously supported by The Calgary Foundation. The nominee must not have received the award in the past five years. A full list of past honourees is on our website. There are Nominees that have won the award twice, so don’t be swayed if your donor has received the award previously.

Award Information

To assist with your nomination, we have prepared a Guidebook that provides all the information you need to complete the nomination. All of the questions, a checklist for a complete nomination package, and the Nominee Disclaimer form can be found in the Guidebook that you download here:

As part of the nomination package, your Nominee MUST review and sign the Nominee Disclaimer form, either on paper (then scan and upload as a pdf) or sign electronically and upload the signed form as a pdf. The Nominee(s)’s signature is found on page 3, at the end of the form. You can download this form here:

Please note that the online form below, can be saved and a link will be sent to you to resume editing when you select “SAVE AND CONTINUE LATER”. Be sure to enter your email address to ensure you receive this link. The nomination form consists of 3 pages/sections: 1) Contact information for Nominator(s) and Nominee; 2) Nomination questions; and 3) Checklist and confirmation required before submitting your nomination,

2024 Generosity of Spirit: Doc Seaman Individual Philanthropist

Bestowed upon an individual whose time, talent and treasure have made a significant impact on philanthropy. Financial contributions may be made through his/her personal foundation. The nominee cannot be an employee of the nominating organization.

Step 1 of 3

  • Nominee Section

    This is page 1 of a multi-page nomination form. The first page is to collect contact information about your NOMINEE. your contact information (as the nominator) and (optionally), a secondary nominator. Your online form can be saved and you can have a link sent to you to resume editing, when you select Save and Continue. Nomination questions are on PAGE 2, and PAGE 3 is the checklist and confirmations required before submitting your nomination.
  • Primary Nominating Organization Information

  • Secondary Nominating Organization Information

    If you and another organization are submitting a joint nomination, complete the contact information below for the second organization, otherwise, leave this section blank

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