Impact & Advocacy

AFP Policy Priorities

  • Designate a federal department—the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development (formerly Industry Canada)—to have economic policy responsibility for the nonprofit sector. In doing so, it would provide a better framework to develop data-driven, charitable giving policies that would in turn foster a stronger nonprofit sector.
  • Allocate $1 million annually to Statistics Canada, for the purpose of collecting, analyzing and disseminating comprehensive data about the nonprofit sector, as proposed by Imagine Canada.
  • Permanently eliminate the capital gains tax on charitable gifts of private company shares and real estate. It has been estimated that this proposal would enable the charitable sector to access an estimated $170 to $225 million of incremental funding from the private sector with a tax revenue cost to the government of only $50 to $65 million.


The Canadian Charitable Sector Needs Our Help

Times of crisis are when charities shine, responding nimbly to the unique needs of their immediate communities. Canadians, charities and the government are working together to support those in need during COVID-19.

Canada Cares Initiative is calling for the federal government to implement a 1:1 donation matching program to sustain the charitable sector across the country. A matching fund has the capacity to double the impact of donations made by ordinary Canadians, empowering the charitable sector to survive COVID-19.

We’re asking Canadians from coast to coast to coast to raise their voices, share their stories, and call for a sustainable future for the charitable sector.

Join the campaign.

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