The Nuts & Bolts:

The Organizing Committee was comprised of:

  • Mireille Faucon, Digital Event Strategist; responsible for Event planning and digital strategy
  • Nichol Turner, Digital Event Strategist; responsible for Event planning and digital strategy
  • Lorie Abernethy, Conference Chair, AFP-Calgary Past President
  • Kara Tersen, AFP-Calgary Chapter Administrator
  • Nancy Scott, Sponsorship Lead
  • Megan McDonald, Delegate Experience
  • Whitney Struthers, Delegate Experience
  • Karen Johnson Diamond, EMCEE of the conference

Overarching Goals for the Event

1.     GOS Awards Luncheon to be a meaningful event

  • Provide an educational opportunity for Chapter members and non-members in the time slot usually held by Banff Compass with top-notch speakers and presenters
  • Budgeted for a net revenue of $6,500

Digital Tools Used:

  • Video Conferencing: Streamyard (Socio) / Zoom Meetings / YouTube / Octocue (remote slide sharing)
  • Conference Platform: Socio
  • Registration System: AFP website

Resources: (Physical, Cloud based systems, Suppliers, Service Professionals, etc.)

  • Kelly Brothers (Dave Kelly), EMCEE of GOS Awards
  • Great Events: Lunch Caterer (provided & delivered a boxed lunch for Awards to conference and GOS attendees)
  • Custom Glass Awards made by  Julie Reimer, Firebrand Glass

Measurement Data:

  • 147 users: total number of unique app users
  • 680 user contributions (engagement for Day 1 and Day 2 only): the total number of social shares, likes, comments, posts, messages, questions asked and polls answered
    • *To note: numbers include engagement from GOS awards
  • 21. 34k minutes open: the total number of minutes that users had the app open whether on their mobile or web browser
  • 70 profile views
  • 8 conversations started
  • 13 social posts
  • 41 connections made
  • 140 web app users / 2 android devices users / 1 iOS device user
  • 12 participants in the Event Game
  • Sponsors (Follow-up Button & Schedule Meeting Button)


  • Technology was excellent! Using Socio and Socio streaming, and with Zoom
  • Could have used more to our advantage (technology available).
  • Only 1 glitch with wrong Zoom link

GOS Awards:

  • Technology worked brilliantly
  • Tech was great
  • Seamless production
  • Team effort
  • Everyone delivered on their part to make the event a great success
  • Nominators’ videos were excellent and allowed the GOS Awards to stay on time. Video productions were sincere and well done. They had creative control and content control to make a heartfelt message to the recipient.
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