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Provide analysis, strategy, direction, design, and implementation of a comprehensive fundraising plan that will diversify the sources of funding and build sustainability for Western Canada Theatre (WCT).

This project will equip WCT with the tools necessary to exceed revenue targets and grow financial resources by providing a strategic framework for fund development. WCT will thus be able to better achieve its mandate of enriching the community and public experience by delivering higher-grade and more diverse programming; especially pertaining to activities that cannot rely on direct ticket sales or other sources of revenue generation. Such activities relate to important issues like equity, inclusion, and diversity. They also cater to other WCT objectives like offering subsidized educational programs for younger generations and conducting outreach activities designed for under-served communities.

Analysis of the current Fund Development program and design of the Fund Development and Sustainability Plan
PROJECT START DATE: September 1, 2023
PROJECT END DATE: December 31, 2023
SUBMISSION DEADLINE: by midnight on or before July 30, 2023


WCT will work with consultants to build a fundraising & sustainability plan which will include the following objectives:

  1. Conduct a practical assessment & analysis of the agency’s current fundraising
    program, capacity & outcomes;
  2. Gather input from a select number of WCT constituents to include donors, patrons,
    parents, board of directors, volunteers, vendors, foundations (private and public),
    corporations – those of interest in supporting the organization;
  3. Identification of best practices in community fundraising which should be
    incorporated into a multi-year fundraising strategy;
    a. Identification of barriers to remove to ensure future fundraising success,
    b. Identification of organizational areas where further work may be required to ensure
    sustainable growth.
  4. Development of an actionable, integrated, and strategic multi-year fundraising plan,
    which will assist in:
    a. The diversification of the organization’s funding base to ensure the longterm sustainability of the organization’s programs,
    b. Implementation of annual campaigns (including special events), major and
    planned gifts programs, with emphasis on major gifts programs,
    c. Donor recognition and stewardship
    d. Annual and five-year budget fund development budget.


Phase I – Development of a Fundraising Evaluation Report including, but not limited to:

  1. Comprehensive review and analysis of the organization in relation to and in
    support of fund development, including:
    o 10-year fundraising program and data analysis,
    o Current structure,
    o Volunteer engagement and community engagement,
    o Staffing structure supporting fund development,
    o Recognition program,
    o Communication strategies with donors and the community,
    o Various fundraising initiatives both internal and external,
    o Fund development policies,
    o Fund development and project planning processes to conduct fundraising
    o Cost-effectiveness and ROI of current fundraising initiatives.
  2. Conduct a fund development focused Strategic Planning session by engaging
    Board, staff, and volunteers,
  3. Analysis of supporting structures including Strategic Plan, senior leadership, and
    board engagement.
    Phase II – Development of a 5-Year Fundraising/Sustainability Plan &
    Implementation Strategy. Using the information garnered in Phase I:
    o Recommendations to establish a successful and cost-effective and selfsustainable fund development program for WCT,
    o Annual and five-year fund development plan to include senior volunteer
    structure, staffing structure, communication strategies, budget, donor
    growth, donor recognition, stewardship and supporting structures,
    o Fundraising initiatives that would be self-sustainable and grow the future
    self-sustainability of WCT.
    o Immediate and long-term action plan.


To accomplish the scope requested, the following is the preferred profile of the successful consultant/consultancy firm:

  1. Understanding and affirmation of the WCT’s mission and values
  2. In-depth experience advising the design and implementation of
    comprehensive fundraising plans and campaigns,
  3. Excellent project management skills, as demonstrated through successful
    management of personnel, schedule, and budget to complete deliverables on past
    consulting projects,
  4. Demonstrated ability to use data to assess the effectiveness of various
    fundraising strategies and inform fundraising strategy,
  5. Experience with a variety of the following types of non-profit revenue streams
    such as individual gifts, online fundraising, events, tribute giving, sponsorships,
    direct mail, and institutional grants from foundations and government,
  6. A demonstrated understanding of organizational development, ability to evaluate
    existing organizational fundraising structure effectiveness, and to advise on
    innovative change,
  7. Previous experience executing fund development audits and creating fund development
    plans for charities


Proposals must include the following:

  1. General Information
    The consultant understands that the scope of work requested may be conducted by a single consultant, a consultant group, or by a partnership of consultants. The proposal should provide the name, title, address, telephone number, and email address of each person engaged in activities within the scope of this project. Further, if a consultant group or partnership of consultants is proposed, the proposal should indicate who will serve as the “point” person for the purposes of this RFP and the engagement.
  2. Work Plan
    The proposal should contain a detailed description of the activities to be conducted by the consultant in order to complete the requested scope of work, including:
    The specific activities to be conducted at each phase
    A timeline for the activities at each phase
    Milestones and deliverables tied to those activities
    A detailed budget for each phase, along with a proposed payment schedule tied to project milestones and/or deliverables.
    Overall budget inclusive of all costs and taxes.
  3. . Due dates
    • Phase I report October 31/23
    • Phase II Report December 15/23
  4. References
    The proposal should include three references of individuals who can speak to their experience with the consultant in conducting projects of similar scope. Information regarding each reference should include the individual’s name, address, telephone number, and email address. At least two of the three references should be from a business/customer which has retained the consultant in the development of a fundraising plan that has been fully executed by the client.
  5. Previous Work Product
    The proposal should include at least two examples of written works similar to the scope of work requested within this RFP. Identifying information may be redacted if necessary.
  6. Evaluation
    Proposals will be evaluated as follows:
    Criteria Percentage
    General Information 5%
    Work Plan 60%
    References 5%
    Previous Work Product 10%
    Budget 20%
  7. Project Budget
    Quotes submitted must be inclusive of all costs, including taxes, expenses, and fees. There is no reimbursement for costs associated with preparing or submission of proposals in response to this RFP or costs associated with possible award negotiation.

Please submit proposals, references and resumes to:

Jenny Edwards

Development & Administrative Assistant

Western Canada Theatre

Box 329

Kamloops, BC  V2C 5K9

Email: jedwards@wctlive.ca

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RFP – Comprehensive Development Audit and Fund Development Plan

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