Request for Proposal
For Fundraising Consultant
Submission Deadline: October 31, 2021

Project Overview

Calgary Youth Justice Society (CYJS) is requesting proposals for a Fundraising Consultant to lead our board members and senior staff in our fundraising efforts by developing a fundraising strategy, supporting the development of finished professional resources/tools, providing training to staff and volunteers, as well as mentoring senior staff and board members during implementation.

Agency Overview

Since 1996, Calgary Youth Justice Society (CYJS) has helped youth find their way through tough life circumstances and sometimes poor choices that can get in the way of reaching their full potential. For youth in troubled circumstances, the world can look like a series of closed doors and impossible choices. But when we look beyond troubled exteriors and help youth see what is strong in themselves, it becomes possible to imagine a future where dreams come true. Transformations like these happen every day for youth and volunteers at Calgary Youth Justice Society, through programs proven to build resilience, reduce risk and nurture community connections.
We are a small but mighty organization with 12 staff, hundreds of volunteers, as well as corporate and community partners. Our annual operating budget is under 1 million dollars.

Statement of Need

CYJS has a 5-year strategic plan (2020-2024) to double our agency budget and number of youths served. To support this goal, we are investing in a fund development strategy that includes training and resources required to support fund development activities. This plan will be immediately implemented by board and senior staff with ongoing support from the Fund Development contractor.
CYJS, over its 25-year history, has not had a paid Fund Development position. This plan will be designed to be implemented with current human resources and by a future fund development position. CYJS will use this plan to help inform the hiring of a Fund Development position by identifying the specific skills and expertise required to support the implementation the planned activities.

Project Description

CYJS is seeking a Fundraising Consultant with a proven track record for creative excellence in developing fundraising plans and developing organizations’ fundraising capacity. The consultant’s responsibilities include:
1. Assess CYJS current and past fundraising efforts, board and staff expectations, current capacity, and environmental context for fundraising.
2. Develop a strategic multi-year fund development plan and implementation strategy that is reflective and in alignment with the organization’s mission/ vision/values and capacity.
3. Provide workshops/ education/ training and resources for Board, staff and volunteers.
4. Develop and implement a performance management plan.
5. Develop a strategy for donor recognition and retention, and
6. Provide ongoing consulting/ coaching during the implementation stage.

Scope of Work

1. Assess current fundraising program, board and staff expectations, current capacity, and environmental context for fundraising.
Identify strengths and weaknesses of existing fundraising efforts and infrastructure to determine areas for improvement and development. Assess internal and external opportunities and challenges for the organization as well as the agency readiness that will inform the fundraising plan to ensure its success.
2. Develop a strategic multi-year fund development plan and implementation strategy to build a fundraising program to support our goal of doubling our agency budget in five years. The plan must be reflective and in alignment with the organization’s mission/vision/ values and capacity.
Develop a comprehensive fundraising plan with strategies, best practices, timelines, etc. to increase CYJS fundraising efforts from (a) individuals (b) corporations and (c) special events and/or (d) other. A special focus on fundraising during and after the global pandemic should also be a priority.
3. Provide training and guidance to board members and senior management staff on how to implement the fundraising plan.
Recommend a potential course of action to identify resources and establish roles to meet the fundraising strategies outlined in the plan. This plan will also include establishing the roles and responsibilities for a future fund development position.
4. Provide workshops/ education/ resources for CYJS Board, staff and volunteers
Provide no less than two workshops that are geared to increasing our knowledge, involvement, capacity, comfort and enthusiasm for CYJS fundraising initiatives. Training should focus on fundraising techniques and strategies that would enhance their comfort and skill level to support the agency’s fundraising goals. All workshops will be accompanied with useful resources and tools that can be used by the participants.
5. Develop and implement a performance management plan.
Develop and establish performance management systems and plan that will measure the relationship between revenue production and the direct and indirect costs of fundraising that will inform the organization as to the cost effectiveness, efficiencies/ inefficiencies, and impact of fundraising activities.
6. Develop a stewardship strategy for donor recognition, engagement and retention.
In consultation with CYJS board and staff, develop a donor stewardship plan that will support the recognition, engagement and retention of donors and is congruent with our vision/ mission/ values and capacity.
7. Provide ongoing consulting/ coaching during the implementation stage.
Consulting/coaching support will be provided on an as needed basis and coordinated through the Executive Director for an agreed upon time-period following the completion of the plan.

The selection of the fundraising consultant is expected to proceed as indicated below:
Request for Proposal Posted September 27, 2021
Proposals Due October 31, 2021
Consultant Selected and Notified December 2021
Project Commencement: January 2022
Project Completion: Within one year following project start

CYJS will use a two-stage process for the final selection of a qualified consultant to perform stated work.
• Stage 1 will consist of review of proposal packages submitted by consultants interested in being considered. The Executive Director and the CYJS Board anticipates selecting up to three (3) consultants to a short-list based on an evaluation of the written proposal submitted. Short-listed consultants may be asked to submit additional information prior to an interview with CYJS’s Selection Committee comprised of staff and board members.
• Stage 2 will consist of the selection of one finalist consultant based on the selection criteria. CYJS will initiate contract negotiations with the highest ranked consultant (finalist). If contract negotiations are unsuccessful, CYJS will enter a subsequent negotiation with the next highest short-listed consultant.

To receive consideration, proposals must be submitted as follows:
1. Proposals must include a cover letter to the attention of Denise Blair, Executive Director.
2. Proposals must include a narrative that addresses how the Scope of Work, as outlined above, will be accomplished, including the timeline with benchmarks and the number of hours required to accomplish it.
3. Proposals must speak to the qualifications of the consultant as outlined below in the Evaluation Criteria and include the resume of the principal resource development professional that will provide direct service for this project.
4. Proposals must clearly outline the responsibilities of both CYJS and the selected individual or organization.
5. Project budget as well as all costs payable by CYJS must be clearly defined. All billing expectations are also to be addressed.
6. Minimum of three (3) references where the bidder has successfully performed similar services.
7. Proposals must be submitted by October 31, 2021.

Proposals must be emailed to:
Denise Blair, Executive Director

All accepted proposals will be reviewed by the Selection Committee and will be evaluated using the following criteria;
1. Qualifications and previous work of consultant/agency
2. Demonstrated ability of consultant to carry-out fundraising plan of similar character and size
3. Understanding of project goals, local issues, and community fundraising assets and opportunities.
4. Cost effectiveness.

CYJS plans to select and award the contract to the best-qualified fundraising professional by December 2021. The selected consultant and CYJS will then mutually discuss and refine the scope of work for the project and shall negotiate final conditions, compensation, and performance schedule for the subsequent contract to be executed.

All questions pertaining to this proposal must be made in writing by e-mailing Denise Blair

Issuance of this RFP does not commit CYJS to award a contract or to pay any costs incurred in preparation of proposals responding to the RFP.
Thank you in advance for your interest in helping CYJS serve our community.
For more information, please visit our website:

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